The March 2017 issue of Health Club Management magazine features an interview with Lionela Torriero. An excerpt from the magazine article is below.

Shortly after moving to the US from the Ukraine in 2001, my body collapsed through the stress of putting myself through college, learning a new language and being a single parent. To say meditation changed my life would be an understatement: it helped me deal with the tremendous everyday stress and restored my physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing.

This gave me the idea of opening a centre to help others. After a few months searching, I found a beautiful place with a special vibe in a small town of Costa Mesa. Open to people from all cultural and religious backgrounds, the centre offers individual sessions and group meditation classes.

My experience suggests meditation studios are currently still an urban trend. People in smaller towns like Costa Mesa don’t embrace it as readily as those in larger metropolitan areas – they still see meditation as an individual practice.

However, I’m sure this will change in the future, with meditation becoming a daily practice for many people in my community. A variety of educational programmes will emerge online, targeting a wide spectrum of the population. Our society is also slowly transforming from one that values material achievements to one with a larger emphasis on balanced lifestyle, eco-friendly environments and broader education.

I expect meditation studios to grow in the same way yoga studios have: in 2001, there were good yoga teachers, not great studios. Now we have beautiful, specialist yoga studios. The same will happen with meditation – I expect it to be huge in 10 years’ time. It will also become more specialised, people will do meditation for specific issues, such as to help with cancer, their creativity or concentration.

“Meditation will become specialised: people will do it to help with cancer, their creativity or concentration” – Lionela Torriero

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