My Journey

Through meditation and mindfulness practice, I transformed my life and achieved a sustainable state of well-being. I can help YOU to do the same.

My deep interest and engagement with meditation began early in my childhood when I sought and found comfort, peace, and nourishment in quiet moments. Later I formally studied the meditation practices of many traditions: Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Sufism.

My passion for mindfulness and meditation evolved and matured with time, transforming my beliefs and the way that I live my life today. This transformation was my catalyst in establishing one of the first meditation centers in Southern California.

As a certified Wellness and Mindfulness Coach, I embrace the mission to bring awareness about the holistic way of living to all of you. My philosophy and belief is that if you would like to enjoy a deep meditation experience, it is not simply about the credentials of your teacher but about his or her ability to provide you with a rich and beautiful spiritual experience.

It is my privilege to guide you and to help you to get where you want be, in silence, in good health, in love, achieving a vibrant body and mind with a well-defined purpose in life.

I look forward to our journey together.

With Infinite Love,

I want to help YOU transform and improve the quality of your life.

As your Mindfulness and Wellness Coach I will help you find peace, solace, and emotional renewal in your everyday life. My goal is to assist you in achieving a flourishing state of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. My programs seek to bring a newly expanded consciousness which helps you to leave behind any sense of isolation, loneliness, or separation and create a life that you deserve.

I do not impose any personal beliefs or philosophies. Rather, my work is uniquely and individually tailored to YOUR specific needs, goals, and desires.

The latest scientific findings regarding meditation have demonstrated clearly that our thoughts and emotions have a significant and lasting impact on our health. Recognizing this, I have created multiple programs based on these findings which enable YOU to optimize your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

“Meeting Lionela was a profound experience in my life, as she is one of the most grounded, spiritually aware people I have ever met. From day one, she brought me and my girlfriend to the next level of meditation and the practice has enhanced our lives a great deal ever since.”

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