Mindfulness for Caregivers

Unique, tailored programs for professionals who provide care, education, and support to others.

As a caregiver you provide relief to the world making it a stronger, better, happier, and healthier place. I believe that it is important to appreciate our caregivers and return to you what you have given so abundantly to others:

Care, Support, and Empowerment.

Programs for Caregivers

My wellness programs are designed to move you deeply, soulfully, and joyfully to a place of greater relaxation, happiness, contentment, and well-being. Each is specifically designed to help you cope with pressing issues such as stress and burnout; to develop resilience and to minimize compassion fatigue and related stressors that are unique to your profession. You will learn practical skills to manage not only the emotional and physical needs of your patients/clients, but also and importantly to facilitate your own needs while gaining emotional support, comfort, and fulfillment from the performance of your duties.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to cope with the unique stressors of being a caregiver utilizing mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Practice self-care strategies to deal with conditions that lead to burnout and depression
  • Develop ability to manage external stress through a variety of breathing techniques
  • Increase your resilience
  • Learn functional, healthy grief relief: how to let go and how to recognize when let to go
  • Practice stress reduction techniques
  • Learn how to create a positive healing environment for your patients/clients
  • Reach the fullest potential of your spiritual growth as caregivers
  • Increase the ability to meet your patients/clients on a deeper spiritual level
  • Provide the best overall care possible
  • Discover and rediscover the joy and passion that originally called you into your vocation

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“The experience was life affirming and truly calmed my soul. I did not feel pressured to choose a certain path, buy a product or do anything that didn’t feel right to me.

That is what spirituality is about.”

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