Corporate Mindfulness

Programs tailored to meet your corporate goals and intentions.

Given at your office or an off-site location of your choosing.

Corporate Classes

Programs structured to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. These programs are designed in close consultation with your executive team to assure a robust and powerful impact on your productivity, corporate environment, and organizational welfare.

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to your groups of varying sizes on specific topics related to well-being, meditation, and mindfulness and the related benefits for your organization.

Corporate Retreats

Retreats designed for executives, employees, divisions, and departments. Retreats create a transformative experience that prepares your organization for a powerful and fundamental shift in how it sees itself, how your employees understand excellence, and how your company creates its future.

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“Time with Lionela was enlightening, relaxing, and joyful. She guided our group through many different types of meditations and helped us to center ourselves. I found her approach to be gentle, kind, and thorough. I am leaving the retreat delighted that I have spent the day with Lionela and am full of excitement to enhance and deepen my own meditation practice.”

– Mona Pappafava Ray

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