One-on-one customized mindfulness and meditation programs.

I offer unique, individually customized mindfulness and meditation programs. Our time together will result in greater mental clarity and superior techniques for navigating your personal challenges. Whether you are just beginning your journey or seeking to advance your meditation practice, I will help you to create a life of well-being, mindfulness and peace.


Your one-on-one interactive session begins with a dive into your personal challenges, goals, and desires and will result in a deep understanding of meditation practices tailored specifically for you. Individual sessions are for:

  • Those individuals new to meditation who desire personal inspired teachings of foundational meditation methods and breathing techniques.
  • Those individuals who are actively practicing meditation now but are seeking assistance in sustaining continuity and depth in their practice.
  • Those individuals established in their meditation practice and seeking to expand their potential.

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“Lionela’s humble and loving way of teaching put me at ease every step of the way and I truly felt a renewed sense of life in my being and spirit by the end of our time together.”

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