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“Lionela saved my life. I was feeling quite hopeless until I met Lionela and with tremendous compassion she coached me through a very difficult time in my life. She gave me the tools that I needed to live a more mindful and peaceful life. She taught me how to manage my thoughts and overthinking which was causing me great distress. Lionela is a beautiful soul – so loving and kind. I am deeply forever grateful.”

– Heather Markie

“Lionela has a very loving and nurturing presence. She creates a beautiful and serene space where one can unwind and easily get into a meditative space.” – Poonam J.

“I was suffering from panic attacks and haven’t had one since I started practicing. Lionela takes meditation to the next level utilizing breathing techniques to prepare your mind and body for meditation.” – Celina C.

“Meeting Lionela was a profound experience in my life, as she is one of the most grounded, spiritually aware people I have ever met.  From day one, she brought me and my girlfriend to the next level of meditation and the practice has enhanced our lives a great deal since.”

– Mike F.

“After my session with Lionela I became happier, more positive, and optimistic about things in life. I am a lot less stressed and way more relaxed. With Lionela’s warmth, kindness, and guidance I am a new better me.”

– Linda H.

“Fantastic introduction to meditation. I always feel relaxed and renewed after the session. I highly recommend Lionela to anyone who is looking to start or renew a meditation practice.”
– Nicole B.

“Lionela is the best guide for a beginner. She made me fill confident and empowered from the first day.”
– Mayra H.

“The only reason I’m giving 5 stars is because I can’t give more! The experience was life affirming and truly calmed my soul.”
– Carrie B.

“I suffer from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder.. I was doing everything I could: medication and therapy… Flash forward to me giving meditation a shot, and I’m glad I found Lionela. Honestly life changing for me. Within the first two weeks of my consistent practice… I was able to feel in control for the first time in my adult life.”
– Laura V.

“Her humble and loving way of teaching put me at ease every step on the way and I truly felt a renewed sense of life in my being and spirit by the end of our time together. If one is looking for a Mindfulness Coach, I’d recommend Lionela, no matter the level of the student.”

– Cassidy H.

“Once I began my practice my whole world changed. Not only did I feel it and notice it, but so did my loved ones. Lionela has helped me to keep a beautiful and kind connection with my husband and my daughter. Thank you, Lionela, for all the blessings I have received from our sessions and in my everyday practices. It has changed my life forever in the most extraordinary ways.”

– Helena S.

“Lionela is one of the most luminous persons I know. Her guidance has been crucial in several milestones of my life. Past six months after my baby was born I started having postpartum, had hard time sleeping.  After only one session I was back to being me and sleeping without problems. I would recommend to get a session with Lionela even if you are at the best point in your life. She is just someone that makes everything brighter.”

– Mayra H.

“Lionela is gentle and warm and possesses an abundance of knowledge and shares tons of useful tips.  I definitely feel more present, more mindful, more wise, and compassionate after finishing my program.”
– AC

“I have realized and learned many things about myself during my sessions with Lionela. I am very grateful that I got to know her on my healing journey. Her voice, her presence, and wisdom that was exactly what my heart needed.”
– Yuka

“Not only did I learn so much about how to deal with my anxiety and how to clear the clutter in my head, I walked away with an amazing friend and mentor. Lionela truly is a professional in her trade but she is also an amazing and beautiful person from the inside out. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to be successful in your meditation practice and everyday life is truly a gift that I feel everyone should experience. I am extremely grateful for our time together and I cant wait for more!”

– Stevie M.

“After months of making pro and con lists, struggling to make an important life-changing decision, someone suggested I listen to my heart. Trouble was I couldn’t hear it as my brain was busy with those lists. … Thanks to Lionela I discovered what my heart was trying to tell me. I also discovered a more peaceful,  happier life and how it starts with a breath.”
– Lynne K.

“Lionela has a beautiful calming presence and is exceptional at teaching the art of mindfulness. She has a real gift with her healing practices and is extremely insightful, offering up a wealth of information. I was pretty much a complete “newbie” when I came to her. Her guidance throughout the learning process made my path to meditation a breeze. For anyone who have insomnia or anxiety, this is a dream come true!. I am elated to have Lionela in my life and guiding me on the road to Namaste!!”

– Kathleen S.

“My first session with Lionela was unforgettable. I felt instantly connected to her presence, energy, and kindness. What I love about our sessions is that although I feel extremely vulnerable, she is always accepting of my thoughts and perspective. All the tension build up I’ve carried over the years slowly disappeared after my first week working with her. It’s crazy to imagine that just a couple months ago, I experienced severe anxiety, anger and depression. Lionela is truly an amazing Mindfulness Coach and I can’t thank her enough for lifting a huge weight off my shoulders.”

– Michelle S.

“Lionela is warm, accepting, spiritual and intuitive.  I had been intending to incorporate meditation into my life and kept putting it off.  Lionela was the catalyst for me to finally incorporate meditation into my life to slow down and enjoy each moment and to improve my wellbeing.”

– Susan V.

“From the time I was a complete novice until I became a daily meditator, Lionela has never ceased to offer timely, insightful and inspirational guidance through each phase of my meditation journey. I am forever indebted to Lionela and look forward to every session with her. Her guidance has allowed me to manage my stress, improve my focus and develop my sense of peace.”

– Trevor B.

“It’s not often I find someone who has so much understanding, empathy, and knowledge… Meditation is life to Lionela, and you feel the acceptance, love and genuine nature of her being just fill you up during every session.”

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